Bestell-Nr.: 105-10-2
Titel: The Ground is the Limit 38,00 EURO

Schon mal gehört, dass BASE-Springer heimlich nachts von New Yorker Wolkenkratzern springen und mitten auf den belebten Avenues landen? Schon mal von den BASE-Springern gehört, die ihre Ausrüstung in einem Riesen-Teddy auf den Stratosphere-Tower in Las Vegas geschmuggelt haben? Auf diesem Film ist alles drauf! Und vieles mehr! Hier die offizielle englische Vorschau:

The Ground is the Limit by Iiro Seppänen feaures hot base footage with Iiro and Jeb. The Ground is the Limit follows Iiro Seppänen and Jeb Corliss throughout various, often exotic locations in their larger-than-life journey to find new objects to jump from.
B.A.S.E. jumping develops into a personal mission of self discovery, one of the most courageous endeavours any individual may embark on, ever. This is not a movie about death defying acts or a demonstration of bravery. This is the story, not often told, of two human beings, two friendships which run parallel with similar aspirations and dreams, and one goal: to keep B.A.S.E. jumping, the finding and transcending of one's limits. Get ready to enter the secret world of one of the most dangerous underground sports; a fusion of "The Matrix" and "Fight Club", except this is no fantasy, this is hard core reality. Join Iiro and Jeb in their B.A.S.E. jumps from such objects as the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, from inside the Eiffel Tower, the Stratosphere, the Skylon Tower, New York City skyscrapers, and many more. Professionally edited and composed.

Dauer: 60 Minuten
Prädikat:Hervorragend gemachte BASE-Dokumentation! Ein Muss!