Bestell-Nr.: 101-17-2

Pulse 01
This video features 2-way Skysurfing, the most extreme teamwork in the sky and unlimited flying with skysurf boards.

Pulse 02
WingSuit flight at it' s best! See how humans fly in the sky, glide more and soar greater distances.

Pulse 03
The SkyGlider was used to perform a World Record , passing over the Swiss Alps in freefall. You will also see jumping out of a plane while wearing regular skis, it' s something different. Skysurfing, a professional team parachuting discipline is preformed by the world champion and represents the beauty of this amazing sport.

Special Edition
Within this special edition, Freeflying is representing the ultimate body control in human flying. Canopy Control is one of the wildest ways to get back to earth while swooping the beaches and hills... and B.A.S.E. jumping, the ultimate thrill and relationship between a falling human and close proximity to the ground!

Pulse 04 Demo Reel
Jumping off of a huge ramp with Skateboards at 14'500ft and ride the air with good friends. Snowboarding, fell the passion with the sky and in deep powder snow on the high mountains in the Swiss Alps.

Silver Surfer Bonus Movie
The entire show from FOX-TV at the NASCAR race to promote the movie "The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer".

Prädikat:Das Beste vom mehrfachen Skysurfing-Weltmeister Oliver Furrer!