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Titel: SOUL FLYERS 2 39,00 EURO

Die konsequente Fortsetzung des DVD-Bestsellers SOUL FLYERS (Vol. 1) - hat den 1.Preis auf dem Internat. Filmfestival Coupe Icare 2005 in St. Hilaire voll verdient. Wir freuen uns, diese Scheibe als erste in Europa anbieten zu knnen. Vorab erst mal der engl. Begleittext:

This new DVD compiles the images carried out by the Soul Flyers over the past two years. Within the framework of the project High Fly Summits developed in cooperation with the french company Salomon, they fly over world known summits like the Mount Blanc (France), Matterhorn (Switzerland), the Mount Fuji (Japan) They fly their wingsuits along the cliffs and play under canopy along ski slops with skiers. Getting the best from the terrain of the countries they visit, they fly over the coasts of Australia, the canyons of South Africa, the fjords of Norway and the mountains of Chile. The technical and radical wingsuit flights of Lo c JEAN-ALBERT along cliffs, over ski slopes are wellknown from skydivers. Everyone has in mind these incredible images of Loc saying hi to skiers at the top of the dome of Verbier (Switzerland) before he gains altitude and open his parachute over the valley. He pushes a bit more his dream of a pure human flight and explores even further the technique. In Matterhorn, he follows the N/E ridge playing with the terrain using tonic trajectory changes. In Norway, he sneaks in some tight gorges, using radical turns in a very very committed flight !!! This new footage will leave you stuck in your armchair ! The quality of the images, the originality of the camera angles brings a new dimension to wingsuit flying. The in-flight images make the spectator feel hes in the suit ! You will better understand speed, trajectories and the engagement of Locs flights. You will feel technique, adrenalin, freedoom !

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Prädikat:Ein Wahnsinns-Film!